Supported Devices, Consoles, and Platforms

ChainMonsters prides itself on being a very portable game which allows you to play your account on many different devices.
You can start an account on Android, log in on your PC, then later decide to play on your iPad, the account can seamlessly be used on multiple devices.

Platforms we will be publishing on
Steam ( Windows and Mac) (Included at Alpha Launch)
IOS (Included at Alpha Launch)
Android (Included at Alpha Launch)
PlayStation (Post-Alpha)
Xbox (Post-Alpha)
Nintendo Switch (Post-Alpha)

Details on where download the game will be added here upon alpha release.

Chainmonsters does not work offline - An internet connection will be required in order to play

Why don't you support Linux?

We looked closely at supporting Linux in our process though unfortunatly it shows to be a lot harder than seems worthwhile.
Play On Linux reports that as of Febuary 2021 Linux accounted for roughly 0.81% of the Steam playerbase.

Using Steam - Proton to play on Linux

Luckily Steam on Linux does have experimental support for running Windows games on Linux with the use of a system called Proton.
You'll need to activate proton and support for all titles in Steam

Open Steam on your Linux Desktop
Navigate to the settings page
Steam Settings
Open the "Steam Play" tab and tick the box that says "Enable Steam Play for all other titles"
Selecting Steam Play for all titles
Click "OK" and restart steam.

You'll now be able to download and play Chainmonsters on Linux

Please note: This isn't an officially supported method - any bugs that occur due to this cannot be fixed by us and instead should be reported to the proton team
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