Social Platforms

We receive multiple requests a week asking us to confirm or deny if a social page/platform featuring our name is official or not.

Official Pages

If it isn't in this list, it isn't official and should be avoided

Discord -
Twitter -
Facebook -
Instagram -
GitHub -
YouTube -
Websites - &
Steam -
Android -

Unofficial pages

We don't support unofficial pages at the moment as more often than not they can lead to malicious actions such as scams or advertising.
We understand that some fan groups may wish to create a platform in which they can congregate, we as that if you do so please do not share it on any of our official pages (such as our discord) and please make sure the title specifies that it is not official.

Why don't you support X platform?

We get asked quite a lot if we have a page on several platforms (Telegram, WeChat, etc...)
At this time we do not have these platforms though should that change in the future you'll be able to see it listed above in the official pages.
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