Account security is vital to us and our users. If the security of your account is compromised it could mean you loose access to your account and its assets. In order to ensure this doesn't happen we've put a lot of work in to providing methods to secure your account.

Account Password

First and foremost, your account requires a password upon signing up.
Passwords require a minimum of 6 characters. We ask that you do not use a password that you have used for any other website as this can greatly decrease the security of your account.

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Two-factor authentication or 2FA is an electronic authentication method in which a user is granted access to a website or application only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of authentication.
— Wikipedia

Our website and game has an optional but strongly encouraged 2FA system.
2FA adds a second, often much tougher element to account security.

Enabling and using 2FA

In order to enable 2FA, you'll need to login to your online account and head over to the Password & Security page

If you're new to 2FA, be sure to download a 2FA app (Authy, Google Authenticator, etc...). This will be the app you use in order to receive 2FA codes from now on.

Click Enable 2FA under the Two Factor Authentication section.
You will be prompted with a QR code that you can scan with your authenticator app. Scanning will setup an account in your app and generate a random code.

Example of QR code

Once you've received a random code, type it in and press submit to complete the 2FA setup.

You will be prompted to download a set of backup codes. Make sure you do this. These are the only way to change your 2FA setup should you loose access.

When is 2FA required

If enabled, 2FA is required on both your online account and in-game. It will be required in order to make any changes to your account as well as confirm transactions.

Examples of when 2FA will be required
Changing your contact email address
Logging in to the game
Any marketplace transaction

2FA error: Incorrect token

Some users have made us aware that when setting up their 2FA account tey ar getting an error stating that the token provided by their 2FA app is incorrect.

Incorrect token error

There's a couple of things to check if you're having this error.

Ensure your device time and date is set correctly
Becuase TOTP 2FA uses your local device time and date (timestamp) to check for the correct token, it's vital that it's up to date. If possible sync your time and date with the internet and make sure it's recently synced.

Ensure the token you're entering hasn't timed out
Your 2FA app will show a countdown for the provided token to ensure you're inputting it in time. if the timer hits 0, a new token will appear that will need to be used instead.

If the above 2 are correct, you may need to contact support.
When contacting, please let us know the email for the account you're having the issue with, a short summary of the issue, and your timezone.
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