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Reporting Bugs & Sharing Ideas

Bugs and Ideas

We've built our game on the foundation of community. This means it is vital that the community voice is heard. To accomplish this we're giving you a direct way to communicate your issues/requests right to our developers.
Our Official Chainmonsters Forum provides two sections to report, and provide feedback Posing using the templates provided below will ensure that our devs address them.

Bug Report Template

Here's a quick example of a bug report and a template that you can use

Title - A very brief summary of the issue 
Platform - Windows/OSX/IOS/Android/Etc...
In Game Name - Not required, but may be helpful 
Description - An in detail explanation of the issue and anything which might indicate how it occurred. Good things to include are: Location on the map, what you were doing at the time, what you previously were doing, etc...
Screenshots - If you have screenshots of the issue they greatly improve the chances of it being resolved. Please use Imgur links, not file uploads

Title: Player teleport glitch
Platform: Windows 10 Steam
In Game Name: LKD70
Description: Earlier today at 01:00:00 UTC, all players were simultaneously teleported to the beach dock at coordinates x:10, y:20. Following this we were able to return to what we were doing without issue. This seemed to happen directly after I attempted to battle the tree at coordinates x:11, y:16. The tree took several punches prior to us all being teleported, but ultimately won the fight 
Screenshot: Me punching a tree at super sonic speeds:

Idea Template

Similar to the bug template, detail is key - Try to get as much detail as possible and examples if you have any. Below is an example and template if you'd like to use it.

Title - A short summary of your request
Description - An in detail writeup of your request. Include examples if your idea was inspired by something - Please try to include as much detail as possible as it helps us get a better picture of what you truly want

Title - Custom house paintwork
Description - Add the ability to customize the interior of ones house with a splash of paint. A wall by wall paint scheme, with a choice of select patterns and colours. A good jumping off point I feel would be the Dulux colour chart. Example:

Updated on: 23/02/2022

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