How to Enter
The demo raffle is available to all who play our free-to-play demo. To enter you need to play the story quests and daily missions to earn EXP. The EXP can then be exchanged for raffle tickets.

To exchange your EXP for raffle tickets, head to the raffle option inside of the latest demo:

When you have gained enough EXP you'll see that the lock icon above each raffle ticket is unlocked. You can then click on this icon to claim the raffle ticket.

How do I know if I've won?

First, ensure that you've entered your email address on the raffle screen in the demo. You'll see an input field that you can type your email address into in the top right corner:

Enter your email address and click ENTER to confirm. You'll receive an email confirmation shortly after. Please follow the link in the email to confirm your email address.

When winners are randomly selected you'll be notified of your winnings through E-mail and further steps will be provided at that time.

Potential Prizes

We've gathered a wide selection of NFT prizes for the demo raffle. They include (but are not limited to):

Crystal Chainmon Skins
Amber Chainmon Skins
Kickstarter Outfits
N-Corp Jackets
N-Corp Beanies
Founder Tokens
Mysterious Tickets

All of the prizes are leftovers from our previous sales/events. We did not add any additional items, they remain and will remain as limited as they are.


Each raffle ticket is worth one (1) entry. Each account has the potential to gain fifty (50) raffle tickets!
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