Moving your FUSD to Blocto

With the recent changes and marketplace release, any FUSD in your internal ChainMonsters account will need to be moved to an external Blocto wallet.
There's two main ways to do this. Both are outlined in Flows Documentation.

Option 1: Through the Blocto App
If you have a smartphone, the preferred method is likely to be through Blocto's mobile app.

Download the Blocto app
Once the application is downloaded, open it and click on the WALLET button.
Scroll over to the FLOW wallet and click it.
Follow the process of signing up and creating a new account. You will do this process by signing up with an e-mail address.
Once you have confirmed your e-mail address, you now have a valid account. If you click on the FLOW wallet again, you will be able to see your Flow Address.

Option 2: Through Flow Port
Flow port will allow you to easily create and manage your blocto wallet through a web browser.

Navigate to Flow Port
Click "Sign up"

Select "Blocto" as the provider

Follow the user interface prompts to create a new Flow Account Address.

After you create your account, you should be logged into Flow Port. You can now see your account address in Flow Port:

Creating an FUSD address
Make sure you do this so you don't accidentally send to the wrong address!

Now that we have a Flow wallet, we need to setup FUSD support for our wallet.

Head to Flow Port and login to your account

Once logged in, press "Setup FUSD" to get started

Read the statement and agree if all looks well. Then submit.

Processing transaction

Await for the transaction status to finish. This can take a minute or so.

If all went well, we're ready to move on to the next step

Move the funds
Awesome, so you now have a Blocto wallet and have noted down its address. Now to move your Chainmonsters FUSD funds to Blocto, follow these simple steps:

Navigate to the Chainmonsters Marketplace
Select your balance in the top right corner and click "Cash out FUSD"

You'll see a transfer popup. Please enter the amount to transfer (This can be copy/pasted from the available balance above)
Also enter the flow address. (This is the blocto address we made before!)

Be sure you enter the correct address. Funds sent to an incorrect address will be lost and can NOT be recovered

Finally, enter your 2FA and click "Transfer"

Great! If all went to plan you'll see your funds in Blocto!

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