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Marketplace Overview - Buying, Selling, and Trading

Marketplace - Selling your NFTs

We recently released our first iteration of the internal Chainmonsters marketplace. This marketplace will allow you to buy, sell, and transfer your NFTs.

Listing items for sale is 100% free, there's no fee for listing items. A fee of 5% is only charged once a listed item is sold

Selling Items

You're now able to sell any of the NFTs that you can see in your inventory.

Selling an item is as simple as can be

Select the desired item from your inventory

Inventory and items

Once you've selected the item you wish to sell, you'll see a couple of options, here you can select if you wish to sell (list for sale) or transfer an item.

Select Sell Now

Once you've selected the item to sell you'll be prompted to provide the price you wish to list the item for. This is a fixed price, not an auction, whatever you set is what the buyer will pay.
All sales will be deducted by 5% as a marketplace fee. Meaning you'll receive 95% of the listing price.

Listing an item for sale

We're all done!
You've listed your item and you'll be shown a flowscan link to the transaction

Now that it's up for sale you'll need to share your profile link with others which will allow them to view your listed items.

You can find your profile link by clicking "Marketplace" at the top of the page:

Items listed for sale

Updating item price or removing the listing

In order to update the price of your item or remove the item from the marketplace, simply select the item in your inventory or on the marketplace and select to either update or remove the item.

Updated on: 21/09/2022

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