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Languages and Localization

Languages and Localization

Since Chainmonsters is very popular in all corners of the world we feel it's important to ensure we're tending to the local needs of all our players.

What languages will the game support?

In our mission to be a global community we aim to support as many languages as possible. Initially the game will feature a few select languages to get the ball rolling, but overtime we'll add more as the game and community grows.

When will you add support for X language?

We're implementing languages based on two factors:
Our ability to do so (We're not fluent in every language... yet)
The amount of users whom use the language.

I speak X language and would like to help translate

Fantastic! Crowd sourcing our translations will greatly speed up and expand our translation efforts. We're working on a localization system to allow volunteers to assist us. When this is active we will share it with the community.

All translations will need to be validated by several native speakers of any particular language before implemented. Our team will also double check everything to ensure correctness.

Updated on: 23/02/2022

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