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Land Sale: FAQ

Land Sale FAQ


Head over to the Land Sale page!

How to buy?

If you're looking about specifics of purchasing within the Land Sale, check out the Land Sale: How to Buy article

When does the sale begin?

The sale will begin on the 15th March 2023 at 5pm CET! (There's a countdown on the Land Sale website

What are in these boxes? What do they cost?

There's 2 classes of box.

Mystery Box - 0.03 ETH (Ethereum)
Includes 5 random NFTs from any game season. Has a 2.5% chance to include a random LAND NFT.

Land Box - 0.13 ETH (Ethereum)
Includes 1x guaranteed exclusive LAND NFT and 2 random additional NFT from any game season*.

What is an island? What makes this so special?

An island is a physical location on the map. There's 3,000 of them in total, and that's all there will ever be. You'll have the opportunity to not just own a permanent placement on the map of Ancora, but also to customise the island. The island can be visited by other players. They can all admire your furniture, houses, plants, and much more.

All players will have access to a virtual home, but only 3,000 of them will ever be physical islands available on the real map!

Can we sell/trade the Islands?

Yes! They're NFTs, do with them what you will.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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