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For those unaware, Kickstarter is a crowdsourcing platform that allows start-ups and new projects to get the funding needed to boost itself off of the ground. We launched our Kickstarter campaign back in October of 2020 with a funding goal of 10,000 Euros.

Kickstarter Funded
As stated we set out with a goal of 10,000 Euros. We're happy to announce that this goal was surpassed within just minutes of the Kickstarter campaign launching. Due to this outstanding success, we made sure to add some "stretch" goals - Rewards for amounts exceeding the initial funding goal. With each one being knocked down we had to add more and more - Eventually ending the campaign with 7 of our goals surpassed.

Totalling over 108,000 Euros it's fair to say we obliterated our initial funding goal. In fact we exceeded it by 1,000 percent. (That's a pretty big number!)

We ended up stacking up 7 different goals- These can be seen as pledges from us to you.

Funded - Since we're fully funded, we pledge to release the game.
breeding - We will implement a breeding system for your 'mons allowing them to mutate.
nuzlocke - An extra game mode for those looking for a challenge.
mythical Chainmons - A custom quest and an entire area for this special mystical 'mon.
valea dungeon - Procedurally generated... Dungeon!
bonding activities - Why have a monster when you can have a friend? Bond with your 'Mons and maybe they'll reward you for it?
eluvia park - A new game area with different challenges every weekend!
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