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FUSD - Cashing in and out


Chainmonsters is very proud to be using the FLOW network for our backend blockchain technologies. One of the best advantages of using Flow over other networks is called FUSD - It's Flows own US Dollar based coin which allows for easy trading for all, crypto savvy or not.

You can use FUSD to buy and sell on our internal marketplace.

Adding FUSD to your account (Top up)

It goes without saying that in order to buy, you'll need some money - So here's how you transfer it from your pocket to your Chainmonsters account.

Navigate to the Chainmonsters marketplace
In the top right corner of the marketplace you'll see your balance, and if you're like me, it too will be $0.00
Image showing balance

Click on your balance and select the "Top Up FUSD" option to credit your account

Select "Top up FUSD"

Once you've selected "Top up FUSD" you'll see three options, "Buy FUSD with MoonPay", "buy FUSD with fiat via Ramp", or "Transfer from exchange or other account".
these three options can be summed up to "pay by card (moonpay/RAMP)" or "pay by Crypto (transfer)".

All of these options will prompt you to enter an amount you wish to purchase and have you confirm the transaction.

Cashing out FUSD to Ethereum USDT

Awesome - you've earned yourself some FUSD, I'm so proud of you. Let's get that in your pocket where it belongs!

Log in to your wallet on the BloctoSwap website
Swap your FUSD for tUSDT
Head to the Teleport page
Enter the amount of tUSDT to teleport, and select USDT as the target currency
You'll be asked to connect your Ethereum wallet (MetaMask, Coinbase, etc...) Log in with your wallet to confirm the transaction
Ensure you input the wallet details correctly - Any funds sent to the wrong address or wrong network cannot be recovered!

Crypto transactions can take a little time to process - sit back and have a coffee, there's no need to worry!

That's it! Time to go buy your Lambo

Updated on: 23/02/2022

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