Foundation Sale: How to Buy

WARNING: We expect HIGH TRAFFIC around the time approaching the pre-sale. If you intend to purchase, please ensure your wallet is ready before to the sale.

What wallet can i use?

We'll have support for both Dapper Wallet and Blocto Wallet. See below for the supported currencies for each wallet.

What currency can I use?

If you're using the Dapper Wallet then you're able to use either a credit/debit card or your dapper balance.
If you opt to use Blocto you can use USDC (Flow: FT).

Only the Flow: FT variant of USDC will work. Attempting to use another type of USDC will not work.

I have FLOW, How can I purchase USDC (Flow: FT)?

Firstly, ensure you have enabled the USDC Flow: FT token in your Blocto wallet.
To do this, open the Blocto app on your phone and navigate to "Wallet". Press the plus button to add a new token and search for USDC (Flow: FT)

Once this stage is done you can proceed to swapping your FLOW balance for USDC

For this we've been using Increment Finance

It's as simple as entering the amount you wish to swap, selecting "USDC" and pressing "Connect Wallet"

Simply select "Flow" as the source currency and "USDC" as the target currency and connect your Blocto wallet to continue.

Blocto swap does not to currently support the Flow: FT USDC, please avoid using Blocto Swap for this for the time being

Buying USDC (Flow: FT) with MoonPay

Another option to by USDC directly with your bank/card is to use MoonPay.
To do this grab the blocto mobile app and log in to your wallet.

Select the USDC (Flow: FT) token from your blocto wallet (Add the token if you've not done so already)
Select the "Buy" option in the bottom right hand corner of the app.
important From the dropdown list ensure you've selected USDC (Flow)
Enter the amount you wish to purchase.
This will redirect you to the MoonPay website where it'll ask you to confirm your payment details.
You may also be prompted to sign for the transaction in the blocto app. Be sure to keep an eye out for this.

Don't forget to ensure your wallet has enough storage to hold all your items!
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