Foundation Sale FAQ

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How to buy?

If you're looking about specifics of purchasing within the Foundation Sale, check out the Foundation Sale: How to Buy article

When does the sale begin?

The sale has begun! The pre-sale will end on November the 23rd (There's a countdown on the foundation sale website
After the pre-sale the public sale continues until everything is gone.

What does the presale offer that the general sale does not?

If you participate in the presale, every furniture item you unbox has an increased chance of upgrading to a house or another legendary island/land. All for free!

When does the pre-sale end?

The presale will last 1 week. This means it ends midnight (CET) on the 23rd of November.

Reminder: You must open your box prior to the week ending in order to gain the increased chance

What are in these boxes? What do they cost?

There's 3 classes of box. Each better than the last.

Rare Pack - 20 USD
Includes 2 of 6 possible furniture items/cosmetics. (Both of which have a random chance to upgrade to a house or an island!)

Epic Pack - 80 USD
Includes 2 of 6 possible furniture items/cosmetics.
Includes 1 exclusive player house.

Legendary Pack - 200 USD
Includes 2 of 6 possible furniture items/cosmetics.
Includes 1 of 3 potential islands.

What is an island? What makes this so special?
An island is a physical location on the map. There's 3,000 of them in total, and that's all there will ever be. You'll have the opportunity to not just own a permanent placement on the map of Ancora, but also to customise the island. The island can be visited by other players. They can all admire your furniture, houses, plants, and much more.

All players will have access to a virtual home, but only 3,000 of them will ever be physical islands available on the real map!

Can we sell/trade the Islands?
Yes! They're NFTs, do with them what you will.

Which marketplaces support Chainmonsters' NFTs?

Gaia Marketplace is about to launch their Chainmonsters Collection

Our marketplace is available again at Chainmonsters Marketplace

There's also BloctoBay

Given the global economy, why did you decide to proceed with a sale?
As we get closer and closer to main launch into Early Access in February 2023 we decided - albeit current market conditions - to not postpone the sale.
The reason is that we would like to use the additional funding right now to push our marketing opportunities during the main launch and beyond.
As a free to play game with continuous game updates over time we are pre-producing a large chunk of content for the 2023 release cycle to not only launch the game with enough base content, but also have enough follow up content to be released in the weeks and months after the initial launch phase.
We did design the islands/LAND to be premium but due to market conditions we instead opted for a more affordable, while still very exclusive, option for collectors and players that want to truly own a piece of the game
On a side note, having the sale run continuously for a - presumably - long time during development is also meant to support and prioritize the new NFT mechanics.
With the islands we are leaning heavily into offering truly unique experiences and having ownable pieces of Land in-game is just the start 🙌
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