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Content Creators

Content Creators

Our game is built on the backs of the community, the only way people discover Chainmonsters is by word of mouth. This makes content creators are a great advantage to the game.
To encourage and support those who decide to share Chainmonsters content we've written up some guidelines on how best to go about showing your support.

The Rules

Our only real "rule" is that you clearly state the name of the game, as well as inform people that it is within its alpha stages.

Streaming and Video production

We fully support third parties making content of our game. We hope that you'll like what we produce and share what you like with your audience. We understand though that it's not all going to be perfect. If you have any feedback, please do share it with us in our discord.

Please be understanding that the game is in very early stages and we've started from scratch - redesigning and recording everything from the ground up. Due to this it may take a long while until a lot of the features you'd like to see to be added. We will try to prioritize the features people wish for the most, but at first the Alpha is going to be rather feature light as we lay the foundations for the game.

Blogging and Posting

If you have a blog, news site, or any other network, you're more than welcome to write about, share, and give your honest opinions on our project. If you'd like some assets to assist with this, please check out our press kit. We're updating it throughout alpha to ensure it's going to be relevant to the game you're playing.

Updated on: 21/09/2022

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