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Claiming your Gen-0 Monsters

How to claim your Generation 0's on Flow

Back in the demo-days, we worked on the Ethereum blockchain, since then we've come a long way - We've moved to Flow. With the move to Flow it's important all your Gen-0 'mons from the Ethereum blockchain follow along with you!


Firstly and most importantly is to ensure your 'mons are eligible for transfer.
These are the requirements in order to ensure eligibility
Chainmon must be in the block number 8606493. If this is moved we can not transfer them.
Chainmon must be in an Ethereum address that is holding them in block 8606493.
Chainmon must have the "isTradeable" flag show as "true".

Checking Your Monsters

The first step to moving to Flow is to check and collect your monsters from our old Ethereum contract.
To check which Monsters you have on our old system, follow these steps:
Navigate to our old Ethereum contract:
Select number 15 "tokensOfOwner" from the list and enter your Ethereum address
You should see a list of Monster IDs as shown here:
Example Wallet
For each of the token IDs you'll need to check that they are tradable. Find the "isTradeable" method (Number 4) and enter each of your IDs one by one.
Image showing isTradeable being "true"4. For every ID that returns isTradeable to be true on your address, you're able to export to our new system. Take a note of each ID as well as your public Ethereum address.

Transferring from Ethereum to Flow

Provided you have confirmed the eligibility of your monsters from the section above and checked them, it's time to move them over to Flow!

First things first, we need to generate a "signature" to ensure your ownership. To do this, please visit the MyCrypto Sign Message page.

Login to your Ethereum wallet (MetaMask)

MetaMask wallet signin

Connect your MetaMask (Ensure you log in to the address you verified above)

3. Create a game account on and look for your Flow address.

You'll be prompted to enter a message. The message should contain only your Flow address

Enter your flow address

Hit "Sign Message" and confirm the singing in MetaMask.

Copy all of the signature text that is produced. (All of it)

Yes, really, all of it

Visit our beautifully crafted form and paste in the signature

Submit, and you're done! We will manually review your submission

Updated on: 23/02/2022

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