If you've purchased Alpha Access from our store, you've likely been anxious to hear the next step - well here it is, we're now distrobuting the Alpha access keys and you'll be able to claim them right away on your chainmonsters account!

Where to find your alpha key
We're distrobuting the keys to all those whom purchased through our store at the moment. The distrobution is done via the email you used to purchase. Please note these things can take time, so if you don't receive the email right away, perhaps give it a day or so to see what pops up in your inbox.

If you've used Google Pay, Apple Pay, or any other payment system when ordering your alpha key, the email we will send it to will be the email associted with your apple/google account.

How to use your alpha key
Once you have your unique key you'll be ready to link it to your account. This is a fairly simple process.

Login to your chainmonsters account

Now that you've logged in, you'll need to head over to the new "Game" tab

New game tab

On the new game tab, you'll see an option to "Claim Game Access", this does exactly what you think it will, go on, give it a click!

So this is it, you'll be prompted to enter your code. Copy and Paste it in, ensureing it is exact with no trailing whitespace or inperfections and hit submit!

You're all done! As soon as our alpha is released you'll have full access via your account, yay!

Your season pass is also included in the Alpha access, so there's nothing more to do from here - You have full access to the game when released

"Please check your code and try again"
You may see the above error if the code provided is either incorrect or poorly formatted. Please try to ammend the code, removing any whitespace and ensuring all letters/numbers are correct. The best option is to copy and paste the code then check for any trailing whitespace.

Claiming with Kickstarter
You may be a concerned kickstarter backer noticing that this page doesn't show you how to claim your access. But never fear! As you may remember we sent out a survey for you to fill out so we'll handle all this for you.

Kickstarter backer but didn't receive a survey? Reach out to us via our support chat.

Gifting your alpha keys
We've had many people buy multiple alpha keys for friends and family, awesome! The gifting process is very easy, just hand over the alpha key to them and they can claim it on their own chainmonsters. account. Remember they have to register on our website in order to claim.

Alpha keys used on the 24th of March have been invalidated
Due to an unforseen bug we had to remove and re-issue all alpha keys. Due to this, anyone whom activated alpha on or before the 24th of march 2021 will need to enter the new code which we are sending out via email now

emails can take up to 6 hours to come through, please be pacient.
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