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It's here! At last a guide on how to use your alpha NFT. Those that have backed us via kickstarter or have an Alpha NFT, here's the guide you need to use/claim your alpha access

Checking eligibility

First and foremost - let's make sure you're able to claim. The only requirement is that you have an alpha access NFT in your Chainmonsters inventory.

Image showing Alpha Access item in inventory

If your NFT is in an external wallet (VIV3) you'll need to contact their support in order to transfer it to your Chainmonsters account

I'm eligible, what now?
That's great! Next up we'll convert your NFT to a "Kickstarter badge" - This is an exclusive NFT and in-game badge which shows that you've backed our project.

Your alpha access NFT will be "destroyed" and alpha status + season pass will be automatically assigned to your account. (You can check if this is completed by ensuring that there's two green ticks here)

Don't worry! The Kickstarter badge will still feature your super unique alpha NFT number!

On top of that, after alpha, we're going to give every alpha participant an "Alpha badge" NFT. (More free stuff, yay!)

Click the key icon on the Alpha Access item as shown above.

You'' see a prompt to enter your 2FA code. Open up your 2FA app and enter the code provided.
Entering 2FA code

Ohh! That simple? Yep! You'll see that the transaction is now pending - This can take some time - Don't worry! Just grab a coffee while we wait
Transaction pending

You can click "You can also check the status on Flowscan" for more information on the status of your transaction

So what now? Now you'll see that your alpha access has been granted in your Account Game tab


Awesome! We're all ready for Alpha release.

I'm a kickstarter backer but I don't have the Alpha NFT
Please contact support so we can check your eligibility and ensure that you've correctly filled out your survey details.
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