Claiming Closed Beta Access - Giveaway Winners

As of November the 16th 2021 we've launched several giveaways which provided beta access NFTs to the luckiest of players.
If you're one of these lucky players, this 'How To' is for you!

Claim your key
First and foremost! If you've won a key it's important that you check your email inbox for the key from us!
The key will look like some variation of: ABC1Def23GHijKlM4nOP (No this isn't a real code, i can hear you all trying!)

Won a key but can't see the email? Please allow up to 48 hours before reporting an issue

Redeem your code
This is super simple:
Navigate to the redeem page
Click to connect your wallet (connect)

Log in and confirm that your wallet address is correct

Enter your code from step 1 and submit


Woohoooo! You've got your NFT

Head over to your inventory and let's see your pretty new item at work!

When in your inventory, let's click the item and click "claim" on it to see what it does


Yay! Awesome, we've got beta access! We can confirm it here
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