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Closed vs Open beta, what's the difference?

To put it simply, Closed beta comes first and is limited in the number of participants. Whereas open beta is free to all, no limits.

Closed beta starts in December, 2021. Whereas open beta won't be until roughly February 2022

How to obtain Beta access

There's several ways you can gain access to the closed beta, some of which are still available now.

Still Available


We've hosted many large giveaways through Playr and I'm happy to say there's still many more to come.
Keep an eye on our Discord server announcements for notifications on giveaways!

Won a giveaway? Check out Claiming Beta Access for the next steps!

Note: Giveaway distribution is handled by (Trufan) if you have any issues/haven't received your winnings, please contact them.

Marketplace - Closed Beta Access NFT

There's many listings on our marketplace
of people selling their extra closed beta access NFTs

Marketplace - Alpha Access NFT

Much like Closed Beta Access listings, there's also the option to pick up an Alpha Access NFT. This would also grant you beta access if claimed now.
Note: This won't grant you any of the other items that were available when using this item back in alpha, the time to claim those has gone.

No longer available

Genesis Presale - Closed Beta Access

If you took part in the genesis presale back in September then you've likely already been given access.
If for any reason you did participate, but beta isn't showing a "green tick", then drop a message to our support and we'll be sure to get this resolved for you.

Adventure Bundle

As part of Flow Fest 2021 we gave away a lot of Adventure Bundles. These specially tailored collections contain multiple in-game items, and chief amongst them, they also grant the holder access to closed beta! If you have an Adventure Bundle you'll be able to use it to access beta once the closed beta is available. Note: It won't yet show that it's usable. Don't worry, it will be.

Alpha Access

If you had access to alpha, good news! You've already inherited access to closed beta!

When does Beta start?

Beta has already started! It launched on the 7th of December 2021.

The latter stage (open beta) is planned for February 2022, but this is subject to change.

Where to download beta

Beta is available only for Mac and PC, downloads are on itch
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