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Adding an external wallet (and exporting your items)

When you log in to your account after the 13th of August 2021, you'll notice something new.

Migrate Account Button

As this big red button indicates, we're ready to go ahead and add support for external wallets. At the current time this is a requirement to log in to the game.

1. Migrating your account to an external wallet

Well, step one as you may have guessed is to click the big red button!

You will be prompted to connect and set up your wallet. This will take you to Blocto to login/sign up.

You will be prompted to enter your blocto email address, if you don't have a blocto account, enter the emailm address you intend to use and it will register for you.

To authenticate your login or registration, you will be sent a 6 digit code to the email address you entered from Blocto, enter this code.

Note: This will take some time to authenticate, sit back, have a cup of tea and wait it out

Once finished authenticating, you'll be asked to confirm the details provided, confirm this and approve the (free) transaction

Make sure the blocto email address is correct to ensure you don't connect the wrong account!

Approving free transaction

Once again it will take some time to load this next step, maybe go get some cookies for your tea?

Not long now!

Great! If all goes to plan it will be set up. Now the next step is to migrate your existing items (if any) to the new account.

2. Migrating existing items to my new Blocto address

Upon completing the previous step, you'll be prompted to "Migrate your Account". In order to do this, you'll need to have 2FA enabled and have the code to hand. (Check out our security article for more details on 2FA).

Migrate Account Prompt

Enter the 2FA code for your chainmonsters account (6 digit code from the authenticator app)

Once again, more waiting is in order here

Once completed, your external Blocto wallet is now fully integrated and all your items are safely inside!

Connect Your Wallet

If you don't have any existing items in your account, you can skip the majority of the steps above and go directly to adding an external wallet.
This also applies if you don't see your items in your inventory and have already connected your external wallet.

Open your inventory and select "Connect Your Wallet"

Enter your email address, this will check if you have already registered - If so, you'll be able to log in with a code sent via email, if not, you'll be registered and the external wallet will be generated for you.

Once you've entered the 6 digit code that will be sent to your email address, your flow account will be prepared and linked to your chainmonsters account

Updated on: 23/02/2022

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